Home Inspection Know What To Expect

What to Expect From a Home Inspection

A Home Inspector Charlotte NC – gortneyhomeinspections.com, I read on the website that this is a service that is offered by HIC, but that my clients are not entitled to know that. The article stated that home inspectors are not allowed to tell their clients that they are being insured or licensed by HIC. My question to them is: Are home inspectors really not allowed to tell their clients anything if they don’t want to?

Home Inspections With Care

The wording used is “guaranteed inspection”. I do not understand why anyone would want to bring up the issue of an inspection prior to purchasing a home when it is something most buyers are already aware of. At home inspection Charlotte NC, we do not believe that home inspections are a get-rich-quick scam. We feel that it is a great way to help ensure your safety. Whether it is safety-related or economically-related, our home inspection Charlotte NC team’s mindset is geared towards protecting you first!

Do You Need An Inspector To See The Property More Than Once?

In fact, at home inspection Charlotte NC, there will be a visual inspection as well as more than just a mechanical examination of the home. During the first visit, the buyer’s real estate agent will take along a packing list so that he/she can check the condition of the home. If the home inspection Charlotte NC team finds any structural damage, the inspector will go over it with the seller so that it can be repaired before closing. The buyer and his/her agent will also be able to know about upgrades that may need to be made on the home.


There may be items left out in the yard that could be a safety concern. So the home inspection Charlotte NC team will go through the yard with equipment to check for hazardous conditions. For example, they might run power-driven lawn mowers over the area. They might check for leaks in the foundation or any other issues that could create a problem if a homeowner were to experience a flood. Finally, the team will go through the attic to check for insulation problems and cracks, if any exist.

Get A Charlotte North Carolina Property Inspection

Another key area that the home inspection Charlotte NC team will cover is the plumbing system. It is the home’s most important system after the heating and cooling systems. So during the home inspection Charlotte NC team will address how the pipes are installed and if the plumbing lines have been maintained properly. They will also check the pressure of the plumbing as well as the overall condition. If the drainage system has problems, they will address those as well. Finally, they will check the faucets and toilets to make sure they work and are draining the proper amount of water.


A qualified home inspection Charlotte NC team can provide a homeowner with a checklist of what needs to be fixed and replaced. But before they leave, they will offer a free price estimate. The more areas that are inspected, the more likely a homeowner can save money on their home inspection Charlotte NC services. Not all problems can be seen on a walk through, but an experienced eye can notice many defects.

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