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There are several reasons why you may be required to repair your roof. The most common roof repair causes include the following:
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A Lack of Maintenance
The greatest cause’s roof deterioration is due to the failure to find and repair the roof in the early stages. This is especially true for roofing materials that are applied on relatively low-sloped roofs.
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Regardless of the roof material used for a roof it will suffer to some degree from natural and unnatural deterioration as a result of weather exposure. The degree deterioration depends on the type of weathering the roof is being exposed to, the severity of the type of weathering, the roof materials being used amongst other various factors. From a general perspective, roofing materials that are inorganic tend to deteriorate less rapidly from exposure compared to that of roofing materials made from an organic source. Hail, salt-laden atmosphere and air pollutants are the most common types of weathering affecting all types of roof materials.
Wind Damage
Strong winds and flying debris can have an adverse effect on roofs over time. Average roofs are not designed to withstand winds equivalent to that of a hurricane of a tornado. Even with wind gusts of up to 80 to 120 km per hour can damage can still be caused to roof-tops. When gusts of wind come in contact with a roof-top a partial vacuum is causing a greater force of wind pressure – the primary cause of roof wind damage.
Improper and/or Poor Design
Faulty and/or poor initial design of a roof system often causes a variety of roofing issues down the road for homeowners. Design deficiencies are often costly to correct and usually can only be done correctly by completely redoing the roof. Unless the deficiency of the roof design is corrected during a roof repair various additional problems will occur and/or reoccur in the future.
Improper and/or poor design in Charlotte NC Homes include the following:
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>> Weak roof structures that cannot stand any pressure – causing a split in the roof membrane
>> Insufficient numbers or locations of drains, roof structures that are sagging and inadequate roof slopes
>> Inadequate provision for the expansion and contraction of the roof at any change in deck material or direction – which can cause a split in the roof membrane
>> Roof materials that are inappropriate or incompatible
Incompatible Roof Materials
I.e. the use of asphalt to adhere to a torch-on material (APP). The use of incompatible roof materials is the root cause of a roofer that lacks the technical knowledge of roofing, a roofer the knows better but provides sloppy workmanship and/or a roofer that is trying to cut costs. Regardless of the reasons why the use of incompatible roof materials can actually cause more damage in the long term.
Flashing Failures
Flashing is implemented into roofs as a means of providing watertight junctions between roofing materials and roof projections (or other parts of a structure) and also between roof sections. They should be designed to last just as long as the other materials used on the roof. Flashings are considered the most vulnerable section of any roof. They are critical to the overall well-being of the roof.
Roof Repair Service
Most premature roofing problems are due to an issue with the flashing. In most cases, where the problem was detected early, new flashing installation is all that is required to make a roof sealed tight from the water again. The most common causes surrounding flashing problems is due to either poor construction or poor installation. Regular scheduled inspections and maintenance is usually all that is needed to catch minor flashing issues before they lead to bigger problems and roof repairing is required.

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