Bail Bonds Expert In Charlotte

Bail Bonds Expert In Charlotte

Call for immediate Bail Bonds help and free Inmate information. Our Licensed Bail Bondsman can help you with all the questions you might have about the Charlotte NC Center Police Station Jail. Please allow bust out an opportunity to earn your trust and respect, by answering all questions you may have and proving the best possible Bail Bonds in Charlotte NC Center Jail.

Bust out Bail Bonds Company is contacted either by a family member, friend or the Inmates at the Charlotte NC Center Jail, the Bail Bond Process can begin. The Company will gather basic information on the Inmate and possible cosigner/s for the Bail Bond agreement. Every Bond is evaluated on a case by case basis. Questions may include the Inmate’s past criminal record, employment and residence history for both the Inmate and the cosigner/s. This is an industry standard, so expect this regardless of what Bail Bonds Company you use. Once the documentation is signed and the Bondsman has collected the Premium. The Licensed Bail Bonds Agent or Bail Bondsman will take the necessary paperwork to the Charlotte NC Center Jail to “post the Bail Bond”. The entire take approximately 1-2 hours.

What Will be the Bail Bond Cost?

By Charlotte NC Bail Law – the Bail Bond fee charged is 10% of the Total Amount. (for example, the total Bail Amount is $20,000, your cost should be 10% which is $2,000.) There are a few exceptions where a Bail Bonds Company or Bail Bondsman can charge a discounted rate of 8% of the total Bail Bond Amount (which is a 20% Discount of the Premium Amount).  These exceptions include:

  • 20 % Bail Bonds Discount – Clients that are represented by a Private Attorney
  • 20 % Bail Bonds Discount – Active Union Members
  • 20 % Bail Bonds Discount – Active Military personnel & Veterans
  • 20 % Bail Bonds Discount – AARP Members

Be careful with Companies anything lower, for paying anything less for a Bail Bond is illegal, can get your friend or relative back in custody and leave you out of your money! Do you really want to deal with a Company or Bondsman that is willing to break the law? There are many legal alternatives.  We provide 0% interest financing, with affordable plans that fit all budgets.

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