Stakeholder Pricing Thats Fair

Stakeholder Pricing That Fair

Mangement stakeholder pricing a product is an important aspect of your strategy while competing in the market. Deciding on how much to charge for a product requires a constructive thought process than simply calculating your costs and adding the remainings. How much the customer will be paying or has the intentions to pay for a product has nothing to do with its cost, and has very little to do with how much they value the product or the service they’re gonna buy. Pricing stakeholder management software strategy generally is a strategy company set for various products to cope up with the market.  Almost all companies, small scale or large scales, set the base price of their products and services depending on the factors such as production, labor and advertising expenses and then mark upon a certain percentage so they can make a reasonable profit. There are various pricing strategies for managing stakeholders, like price discount, enforcing price, skim price, pricing on the product life cycle and even price based on competition. In terms of the market mix, some would suggest that pricing is one of the boring no so attractive point. Marketing companies should really focus on producing high margin as much as possible. The deciding matter is that the marketer should change the product, place or promotion in some way before final reductions in price. This is no gimic at a low price. The costs of marketing and promoting a product are kept to a substantially low price point. Supermarkets often have large scale powerful brands for noodles, soups, spaghetti, etc. 

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Stakeholder Management In Todays World

Another example where the price for stakeholder management gets check every now and then were the Budget airlines, they are well known for keeping their tactics to keep the overhead as low as possible and then giving the consumer a low price to load the plane with passengers. The first few seats were kept at a low price strategically (almost as a promotional price) and the middle majority economy seats were filled mostly with the highest price being paid and for the last couple of seats on a flight (which would be that of the premium pricing strategy). During times of recession, economy pricing gets a majority of sales. However, it is not always same as a value price method might come in short. All the products having a distinct life span, is popularly known as the product life cycle.

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Great Business Manage Their Stakeholders

A product gradually progresses over a period of time and through different stages in the cycle of introduction, followed by growth, maturity and in the end, the decline stages. During the growth period, when sales are increasingly large, a small company usually will moderately hike their price. There are often some time where small scall companies need to lower their price in order to stick to the market competition. A competitive-based pricing strategy may be applied when there is little contrast between products and pricing in the industry that are adjusted accordingly. Hiking price in promotion of a product is a common phenomenon in the market. There are several such examples of promotional pricing including approaches such as get one free when you buy one, money off and discounts, discount vouchers, like off-season sales, etc.

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