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Homes located in rural areas or far from sewerage pipes rely on domestic septic tanks to handle wastewater. Septic tanks have been in use for more than a century, and provide an efficient and low cost method of sewerage treatment . A septic tank consists of two or three chambers, in which raw sewage undergoes anaerobic digestion before being released into a soakaway field.

Suppliers of Domestic Septic Tanks to

This is an environmentally friendly way of treating wastewater, which does not pollute the soil or groundwater . Any undigested waste is removed as sludge from the bottom of the septic tank, and then sent to a treatment facility before being released into the environment.

Premier Tanks is a leading manufacturer and supplier of glass fibre septic tanks to . They are highly efficient, durable and more cost effective than traditional concrete or steel tanks. We manufacture our septic tanks only from high quality resin and glass, without calcium or chalk fillers which weaken the resin.

Benefits of Premier Tanks domestic septic tanks

•Lightweight and easy to install, unlike heavy concrete
•Do not crack or collapse in extreme conditions like concrete
•Made from virgin resin and glass, which is tough and long lasting
•Resistant to corrosion and exposure to sewerage and chemicals
•Do not rust or corrode like steel
•Have a heavy duty shell for installation in any type of ground
•Cannot be damaged by plant roots which bore through concrete
•Require little maintenance, saving you a lot of money over time
•Easy and cheap to repair compared to steel or concrete tanks
•Can be installed in areas with a high water table
•Have a keying-in lip and lifting eyes for safe and easy installation
•Can be converted to treatment plants with a conversion unit

Premier Tanks domestic septic tanks specifications

We manufacture domestic septic tanks to suit every requirement and conditions. These tanks start at a minimum of 2800L for 4 persons, with an additional 150L for each additional person. They come as standard spherical shaped septic tanks, or cylindrical low-profile tanks for use in hard rock ground or areas with a high water table.

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