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Here’s a quick look at what your furnace filter does and how it can keep your home clean and healthy. What is a Furnace Filter? Furnace filters are screens used to keep pollutants and particles out of your HVAC system. They are typically rectangular and range in thickness depending on the type of furnace. Furnace filters are typically located in your furnace’s air intake to block pollutants as air is sucked into the furnace for heating and redistribution throughout the home. The filter can be made from fiberglass, cellulose, polyester, and other fibrous materials. Some of the many pollutants that can be blocked by your furnace filter include smoke, viruses, pollen, lint, dust, pet dander, and mold spores. Why Should I Check My Filter? Over time, furnace filters will get clogged and dirty from pollutant buildup.


This causes your furnace to exert more energy to produce heat, which drives up your energy costs.If the filter appears dirty and dusty, replace it for improved indoor air quality and furnace efficiency. To learn more about keeping your home healthy, clean, and energy efficient, contact HVAC Charlotte NC. Visit us online or call.

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