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Image SEO measures in Bangkok

Images and videos are also becoming commonplace now in an SEO agency in Bangkok.

If you assume that you put a search, you may not know its importance.

About the image, I think that it will often be when pasting to blogs and websites.
The alt attribute and the title attribute that come out there play a very important role.
The alt attribute will be displayed as an alternative if the image is not displayed, as some may be confused.
One of the title attributes is a description of the image itself.

I think if you put the cursor on the image in the browser you may see the text, but that is the title.
Some say that it is weak to put the link in the image, but that is not the case.
When viewed in a browser where images are not displayed, the alt attribute will be displayed and it will become a text link as a result. If the alt attribute is properly added, it plays the same role as the text link.
More specifically, the quality of the site itself will be improved, so it may be more effective to create an image link properly.
Of course, it is assumed that you have not made a description with a mistake, but if possible, you can also try using image links.

Should I Rank My Blog Or Concentrate On Image SEO

Many of you may know that you can expect SEO effects on your blog.
However, if you do not understand why you can expect SEO effects in blogs, the effects may be halved.

If you use a blog for SEO purposes, it is important to know the reasons well.
The first reason is that blogs are updated frequently.
If the update frequency is high, you can get the patrol from the search engine to be performed by beans.
Also, because templates are fixed, one of the reasons may be that there is little useless description in the source.
So, if you want to improve the design.

There are various ways to take SEO measures, one of which is taking measures using OLD domain.However, there are many cases in which many people misunderstand this.The link sales business attracts attention as SEO measures are gradually attracting attention.

Generally, the older the date indexed, the better it is for SEO.

Based on such a thing, it is very grateful to the vendors that sell “OLD domain”, but actually there are cases where there is almost no value in these domains.

For example, if it is an OLD domain but the indexed date is new.

Many people will buy the domain evenly without noticing this.

Here I would like to tell you, “Don’t buy an OLD domain, but a domain that has an older indexed date”.

As the search robot’s algorithm changes little by little every day, I would like to be aware of minor differences.



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