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Welcome to your new tattoo in Spokane…

Our clean, comfortable, and relaxed atmosphere will help set the stage for your next tattoo click here session to be a truly divine experience. Our artists have years combined experience in all tattoo styles and will customize any artwork or idea to ensure that our customers get exactly what they want. whether its black and grey, full color, a portrait, traditional, new school, biomechanical, organic, or any other artistic style, the artists at Divine Tattoo will have you covered! so come on down and speak to one of our friendly staff and lets make your next tattoo a Divine Tattoo.

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Divine Tattoo opened in Oct. of 2009. Owned and operated by Derek Thornhill, aka “CRAZ-E-D” (guitarist of Animus Divine). Divine Tattoo takes a different approach than the mainstream tattoo parlor, boasting a relaxed family atmosphere you will feel right at home at this eastside tattoo shop. We at Divine Tattoo also take pride in offering affordable tattoos contrary to the age old belief that, “Good tattoos aren’t cheap, cheap tattoos aren’t good”. At Divine Tattoo you really can get an awesome one of a kind tattoo at an affordable price.

The fight around no matter whether teens might get tattoo designs or human body piercing is normally one fought against among dad and mom and kids, however the similar issue has came into state legislatures. Promoters of barring children from having tattoo designs or body piercing want state laws and regulations to mirror parent legal rights and allowed them to have the last word on those under 18 modifying their looks like this.


Several states have laws and regulations barring these methods on children with out created parent approval. No less than 39 states have laws and regulations barring children from having body art. Twenty-nine states have laws and regulations that stop each human body piercing and tattooing on children with out parent approval. Lots of the laws and regulations across the nation set up monetary fees and penalties, jail time or both equally for violators. The majority of the laws and regulations determine “violator” as the individual that done the tattoo or piercing.

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