When Writting To A Psychic Is Better Than A Call

Metaphysical Writing Instead Of A Telephone Call

Yes, we all have gifts! Psychic gifts, that is. Many people have one or two they favor — are more adept at. And most people ignore or throw the gifts off as “lucky guesses” or “intuition”. Yet, we all have them. How many times have you thought of someone and the next minute they call you or walk by you? At the very least, it is telepathy. That is really a talent most of us have. Of course, some people receive better, while others are better senders.

All these gifts can be developed, too. Some say it is spiritual in nature, while others say it is mental. Either way, it does seem to work as muscle. The more you use it the better it gets. There are specific exercises you can use to encourage your gifts to improve and/or show themselves. I’ll share some here. Before you do any of these exercises. Be sure to imagine a “white light” from above surrounding you and permeating throughout your entire body. You want to keep any sort of negative energy from coming around you. Saying a prayer of protection is also highly recommended along with the “white light” technique. Not to mention it helps bring in your highest spiritual gifts!
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Developing Your Powers

To develop your psychic gifts try using the card deck technique.
 1) Take a regular deck of cards.
2) Shuffle them well.
3) Place them face down in front of you, or hold them in your hand.
4) Now visualize the card in front of you, face down — you can do this three different ways:
a) See if you can tell what color the card is, black or red (do this in your mind).
b) See if you can visualize the suit.
c) Test yourself if you know the value of each card.

Start with the first one until you develop the ability to know the color — then the suit — and soon all three. Oddly enough, when I did this I was always exactly two cards ahead! Not exactly sure what that means. Perhaps I am better at seeing the future than the present? To develop ability to be “clairaudient”. (The gift of hearing or sensing your Spirit Guide). Clairaudient people often are called “mediums” too. For now, though, we’ll work with your Spirit Guide and not those who have passed on. If your gift is strong, you may pick up someone from the Other Side. And that is fine.

Calling Your Spirit Guide

Do the “white light” technique and say a prayer or meditate to bring only the highest spiritual entities to you. Make sure you are in a quiet place where children, ringing phones or television sets, will not disturb you. Playing soft music you enjoy is fine if it doesn’t distract you. Make sure you have pen and paper handy, or pencil. You can also option for colored pencils, crayons or any sort of writing utensils if you are artistic in nature. While others can have their computer on to a writing program.

Silently or out loud, ask your Spirit Guide to make himself/herself known. You can do this with a simple, “Will my Spirit Guide please come to me now?” Now, write down, type or draw the first thing that pops in your head. Anything that comes to you. Keep asking questions if you do not get more than short thoughts and/or answers. Even though it may seem like it is your own thoughts — most of the time, it is outside of you.

My Reading

Here’s a quick reading from my Spirit Guide, Michael.

Angel Aura: Hello Michael, you’re fast! I just thought of you.
Michael: You know how this works, my dear.
Angel Aura: Yes. What message do you have for me today?
Michael: Don’t be down, good things are coming. Your frustration is not long. We work for your favor. Angel Aura: Patience is not my virtue.
Michael: Ah, but it is. Not much longer, you are near your home.
Angel Aura: Thanks, Michael. I’m going back to my readers.
Michael: As you must do. Goodnight. We are with you.

Practice You’re Gifts and Your Skills Will Improve

For the most part, I have found Spirit Guides speak in the plural. And those who have passed on usually speak singularly. In my personal experience, I also find that Spirit Guides often speak differently.

Example: “…You are near your hope (see above).” My sense was that Michael meant I am near fulfilling a long hoped for a dream.

For improving your communication, you may want to plan the same time each night, or once a week to try and make contact. Even if at first you get random thoughts, it is not unusual as you stir up your receptive gifts. My first contact with my Spirit Guides came with shapes and colors, very random. I also drew pictures and received random words. Do not expect full sentences at first.

Eventually, you can also utilize these gifts telepathically. I’ve contacted living people far away from me. The person may not be aware of it consciously, as you communicate with their higher spiritual self. Yet, they may sense you or think of you.

For Spirit Guide communication:
I’ll leave you with some great startup questions.

1) What is your name?
2) What is your message for me today?
3) What steps can I take to reach my goal?
4) Am I going in the right direction?
5) Have you ever been incarnated as a human?
(Some have had one or two lives here; and chose not to do it again.
Some have always been Spirit Guides with no incarnated lives.)
6) How do I best live my destiny?

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